7 Makeup Experiments Women Need To Pursue After 40

Amidst the midlife crisis, heaps of emotions and diverse experiences, you, brave lady, have seen most of what life has to offer. Those eyes have witnessed serenity, success, laughter, betrayals and practically every emotion possible. Yes! Those beautiful intriguing eyes!

Well today, I am here to break the cliché concept of makeup post 40. The combat is against time and the goal is to defy age. These eye makeup hacks act as an armor defying your age in the following ways possible-

  • Double isn’t always a Trouble:
    Ageing is inescapable and so are dark circles and wrinkles. Use double dose of concealers with yellow undertone to counteract the purple shadow of the dark circles and cover the wrinkles.

  • Radiant shades of shadow:
    Shades of grey and brown are a big NO when it comes to eye shadows! They intend to make your eyes look exhausted. On the contrary, colors like vanilla or light mocha are bliss for lighter skin tones and peachy orange or yellow-gold go loud on darker skin. Such shades appear fresh and are too vibrant to get unnoticed

  • Prime it up:
    Primers are the Holy Grail of eye makeup, especially when it comes to shade enhancement and lid smoothening. Preen those eye lids with primer, to prevent crumpling of heavy layers of makeup to carry out that younger look for a longer time.

  • Matte, the savior:
    Applying shimmer to wrinkled areas does no good. It rather highlights the aged corners of your face. For such cases, Matte shadows prove to be a savior. They not only smoothen up the surface but also conceal those unwanted fine lines. But if you are dying for that extra sparkle, add it to the edge of the eyes, ample enough to dazzle, when lights touch your eyes.

  • Cheat over those Liquid products: 
    As you age up, your skin tends to react harshly to those liquid eye liner strokes. Well, you don’t want more of those fine lines, do you? Experts suggest, you go for gel liners for better experience and control over the color depth and thickness. It is suggested, you go for a thin stroke of liner close to the lashes giving illusionary thickness bestowed with a perfect outlined eye.

  • Black is the only constant:
    When it comes to those mascaras, never ditch black. Carefully swipe your eyelashes with minimal mascara on that mystic wand to avoid clumsiness. Do keep in mind that the top lashes should be your focus. Strictly prohibit the use of mascara to the bottom lashes. Even waterproof products get smudged and add on to your dark circles.

  • Boost up those eye brows:
    Eye makeups are never complete without eyebrow enhancement. It’s a crown to the eye. Experts, therefore suggest the use of shadows instead of eye pencils to make them stand out. Take a small amount of powder and brush it off against your brows. Don’t forget, at this age, you need to pay extra attention with unalike requirements to get that exceptional youthful charm.